Emir Kusturica’s name, his cult movies – including the Black Cat, White Cat, and the Time of the Gypsies – ring a bell all over the world recalling the determinate melodies of his soundtracks. Adding virtuoso musicians to Kusturica’s larger than life personality, the performance reaches unprecedented heights when mixing ethno and punk rock styles. The incredible concert features the songs of the new CD, the Corps Diplomatique as well. Opening Bands: István Pál “Szalonna” and his Band, Kolo Band In honour of Emir Kusturica the joint orchestra is offering an exceptional musical experience. They merge the authentic Hungarian and Southern Slavic folk music in an innovative adaptation. At the unparalleled concert, as many as almost twenty musicians will evoke some of the treasures of this folk music. Besides the music, we can enjoy Antal Kricskovics’ stunning choreography presented by the Tököl Dance Ensemble.

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