Being the noble rivalry of the participating foreign guest ensembles, the primary objective of the competition is to enhance the intercultural dialogue and to inspire new productions by presenting the most significant national and regional cultural achievements and trends at the highest artistic level. The competition emphasizes the mutual presence of tradition and modernity, the creativity and innovation.

Our aim is to make the choreographic views adapt to traditional and authentic folk material successfully in the third Millennium and strengthen its acknowledged position on the dance art stages. International jury evaluates the ensembles and awards the Gold, Silver and Bronze CHAIN BRIDGE Prizes and further awards.

The keynote of the evaluation is the equality between the authentic or historic dances, the dance theatre pieces or folk-contemporary adaptations. High priority is given to the productions which suit best the requirements of its own category. The time limit of the productions is ten minutes.


Golden Chain Bridge

Silver Chain Bridge

Bronze Chain Bridge

Special Prizes:

Mária Zórándi Memorial prize for outstanding soloists In memory of the late rector of the Hungarian Dance Academy, founder and jury member, main patron of the competition

Audience Award

Music Award

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